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Our company specializes in the support, equipment and training of professional car services. We offer only products and services of the highest quality. We help your service to earn more! Thanks to the experience and practical knowledge supported by access to OEM technical data, we are already helping many new services across the country.

We are proud to be the official Autologic distributor for Poland. Autologic, have developed a set of capabilities that dramatically improve your ability to diagnose more cars, more quickly and profitably. Autologic Assist takes you straight from fault identification to first-time-fix fast and helps you deliver total customer satisfaction.

We are the official distributor forthe British world leader in chip tuning,Quantum Tuning. If you want your site to earn more through additional services which are chip tuning, DPF delete, EGR off and many others, then check out our offer and become a Quantum Tuning partner! We will train your staff, equip you, offer you technical support and we will also promote your service!

Tuning services are not complete withouta dynamometer. As a distributor for Insoric Swiss innovative portable road dyno, we are convinced that this is something which will interest any tuner in the world.

We also distribute Fronius Acctiva chargers. As a result, we can be proud of offering professional and the best power support devices during diagnosis and programming, as well as battery chargers on the market. The Acctiva is Active Inverter technology, which ensures 100% safety in the handling of the car in auto-service. Acctiva series products are the only ones certified by most manufacturers of premium cars

We offer both professional equipment and technical training. We are the only company in the country offering training services directed to aftermarket workshops for premium brands. These are theoretical and practical courses for mechanics and electronics with the latest solutions for new models of premium cars.

Our offer is also available through Inter Cars Group

We invite you to cooperate with us


Factory kit for the diagnosis of Electric and Hybrid cars


Professional oscilloscopes and accessories


Become a Dealer - the largest tuning network


For professional car workshops

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