Portable road dynamometer

Mobile power measurement – easy, fast and professional

  • Do you want know the power of your engine?
  • Do you want to know if your tuning was successful?
  • Do you need proof of your engine power for sale or an inspection agency?
  • Do you suspect the engine doesn’t live up to its’ full power potential?
  • Was the testing on a rolling test bed inadequate due to increased heat load?
  • Do you want the torque and performance characteristics in writing?
  • Your car is too low for a regular rolling test bed?

Choose the innovative power measuring by Insoric RealPower


easy, fast and cost-efficient

  • High-precision, innovative sensor technology
  • The measuring process does not require intricate cabling or an electronic interface.
  • Flexible application allows for usage everywhere, any time
  • Effective measurement on street while driving
  • Result: reliable, accurate, understandable and comparable measurements based on real circumstances.




Factory kit for the diagnosis of Electric and Hybrid cars


Professional oscilloscopes and accessories


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For professional car workshops

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