Quantum Tuning

Quantum Tuning - the largest chip tuning network available in our offer

We represent the world's chip tuning leader - Quantum Tuning (www.quantumtuning.co.uk) based in London, UK. The company is engaged in the optimization of software in cars of all kinds. Quantum has over 1000 installation sites around the world and performs over 2500 tuning files per month.


Quantum Tuning – about us:

We are a UK professional company dedicated to the optimization of engine software drivers. We are the global market leader in chip tuning. We have more distributors and points of installation than any of our competitors. We tune more than 28 000 cars a year. We have built a business based on people with vast knowledge, experience and skills - all this is the key to our success. We have complete infrastructure to support a group of our distributors and provide them with software at the highest possible level. We are passionate, we love what we do, and consistently focus on our development and self-improvement. Our team consists of 15 engineers-programmers, more than 350 experienced and talented distributors in the industry worldwide. Installation services are our carefully selected, trained and equipped. So you can be sure that our products and services are offered in accordance with the highest standards. We tune more cars than anyone else for one simple reason - we care about what we do. We care about our employees and the support of our dealers to supply top-quality services.

Our offer:

The 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Lifetime Software Warranty

Professional service

A network of professional installation centers

Joining the network will get:

  • full training
  • local  technical support
  • access to technical information
  • license to use the Quantum Tuning brand
  • placement on the Quantum services map inside our Quantum web page
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Life-time warranty on software

How does it work?

With use of special equipment produced by Alientech (see chip tuning device), we can read and write software (file) to the car’s ECU. This file is sent using the online system directly to technicians at Quantum. The system allows to choose the services we want to have installed as well as we see real time progress and status updates. It takes about 30 minutes and, when the file is ready, we load it into the car and it’s ready for a test drive! Additional tuning and file changes are easily made by sending the data again with any relevant comments (file amendments are included in the price).

Services that we can choose:

  • chiptuning
  • DPF off
  • EGR off
  • Lambda off
  • Error Codes - off
  • clone driver
  • other functions related to the engine ECU on request.

How to load a tunning file to the engine controller (ECU):

Quantum Tuning uses and strongly recommends the Alientech interface. In our opinion, is the best system interface currently on the market.

For reading and writing software we use two devices. One is KessV2 with which the software is read by the OBD cable. Where it is not possible for a car to read/write via OBD, we use a second device called the K-Tag, where software is read on the bench.

The cost of preparing the file:

We have very favorable prices. Ask for current offers.

Chinese clones:

You can find online an entire lists of fake devices. Their action leaves a lot to be desired and we do not recommend using them. With their help, you can permanently disable the vehicle.

How to get started:

To start, you can purchase the KessV2 and start playing with OBD tuning. After some time you can order K-Tag and service all vehicles. However most customers, decide to buy the full package.

Is it difficult?

The interface together with our training it makes the tuning process really fast and very easy to learn from both the OBD and the bench. We can train you in one day.


If you would like to expand your service and offer additional tuning services then our chip tuning offer is exactly for you. You will become a partner of the most recognized chip tuning brand in the world in Poland.

We invite you to become a partner



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Professional oscilloscopes and accessories


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