As a distributor of Quantum Tuning we offer some of the best Alientech equipment:


Kess V2 - device (programmer) for reading and writing software by the OBD connector

  • The engine ECU remains intact. Everything happens through the OBD connector
  • No need to remove the engine ECU from the car
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software
  • The kit includes a protective case, the device and the cable set
  • The device available in the slave and master option


K-Tag - device (programmer) to read and write software on the bench

  • If unable to read through the OBD connector use Ktag
  • The engine control unit must be removed from the car
  • It comes with very precise instructions and the connection is very simple
  • Inside the kit you will find a case, the device and cable set
  • When using our accessories there is no need to solder


Accessories – frame (bench), adapters, programming probes

  • Frame - makes it easy to connect directly to the controller. Thanks to a special additional board that goes beyond using adapters; you can also use special telescopic programming probes that eliminates the need for soldering
  • Adapters - adapters eliminate the need for connecting wires to the controller socket as well as eliminate the need for soldering
  • Programming probes - used in new cars, they are becoming more and more advanced –engine ECUs that require multiple connections. In such cases, the adapter itself is not enough but thanks to the programming probes we have the ability to connect to multiple locations on the controller board without soldering.


Factory kit for the diagnosis of Electric and Hybrid cars


Professional oscilloscopes and accessories


Become a Dealer - the largest tuning network


For professional car workshops

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